PTR Changelog 2018-12-06: new design

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    @systemparadox said in PTR Changelog 2018-12-06: new design:

    Please could we have a single page that shows the combined price history for all minerals

    I'm not sure I'm getting what do you mean.

    At the moment there is a "price history" table at the bottom of the market page for each mineral that shows (date, transactions, total volume, price avg/stddev). It's really hard to compare the prices of different minerals. There's no API for this information either.

    This might be not relevant if the list contains the highest/lowest order with marginal price and very low amount. Also, is there really a case of checking prices of multiple resources on the same page?

    Yes. When choosing which room to expand to, knowing which minerals are in demand is very important.

    Please could the market history page show the useful information without having to hover over the tooltip (or expand the row as in the screenshot above!!). At the very least this should clearly show the mineral type, price per unit, mineral amount, source and destination. Ideally also the total energy cost. Like this:

    Have you tried the "Expand all" link in the new UI?

    Ugh. It just takes up so much space! I've got a massive screen and I can still only see 4 rows! Just squash it down and put everything on the row without any expanding. If there was actually more detailed information then expanding would be useful, but there's nothing in the expanded section that shouldn't just be on the row in the first place.

    Is there any chance of providing us a way to add information to the UI for specific objects? For example, if I click on a creep I want to see its role and current task.

    I admit this would be cool, but this feature request is really huge and would take a lot of development efforts.

    I know I was being hopeful 🙂

    Let's imagine we automatically select all objects at the square. What should happen if you clicked at the square with a creep, a container, and a road, and the creep moved to another square on the next tick?

    Oh. I hadn't thought of that.

  • The parallax background in the header that moves with the mouse cursor is pretty, but really annoying. Please just make it static.

  • TMB

    I also got a conflict of interest with the new minerals. They look rad as hell, but they're going to be a nightmare to reproduce with RoomVisuals,.. x)

  • @artch are there any plans to allow a visual option of viewing alliances? I know that yall have used LoAN in world reviews and everything before, so although it's community-based and developed, it is in a "semi-official" status. it would be nice to get some of that information shown without client-abuse or tampermonkey scripts. I also think that this would be a good opportunity to add in the tampermonkey that migrates a live room into sim. Are these possibilities at all? I've currently got 2 tampermonkey scripts applied to LoAN and "migrate room to simulator". Both would be great additions to the client without hacks...

    Edit: alternatively, is there any intent to make it easier for the community to dev tampermonkey scripts to add in features you arent interested in doing yourselves?

  • Dev Team

    @semperrabbit No such plans on the horizon currently.

  • ok, next question. is there any intent to make the new client more mobile friendly? scroll the map with finger swipes, etc?

  • @semperrabbit are your scripts available publicly anywhere? I would really love the migrate room to simulator script!

  • @SystemParadox It's definitely not mine, it was a collab of @Dissi and @Esryok back in the day. but yes, by all means, here it is...

    It provides a right-click context menu with a migration option. it takes literally everything in the room, terrain, structures, creeps, and moves them into a custom sim room.

  • @semperrabbit thanks very much! That is so awesome!


  • I have mixed feelings about that, the new style definitely has improvements...
    But honestly it looks a bit generic, and very similar to what is valve doing.

    It feels a bit cold, where the old theme feels hm how should I put it, nostalgic and friendly.
    Could I ask for a favor? Try the new design with the old color scheme.

    Oh and I like the parallax but it shouldn't be in functional panels, the start screen is enough.
    (The additional server list is a awesome idea)


  • Dev Team

    @semperrabbit Yes this is planned.


  • It certainly looks sharper! One suggestion... On the market screen with all the compounds, a line that says what that compound DOES would be helpful... like "Melee Attack", "Harvest", etc. You'd think I'd have that memorized by now... but I don't, I'm rarely sure if I need a XXXO2 or a XXX2O one. I have to look it up all the time.


  • @artch said in PTR Changelog 2018-12-06: new design:

    They are different because of high configurability, there is no "standard" look of a creep.

    Pretty sure most players agree that creeps would look like roombas in real life 🙂