PTR Changelog 2018-11-05: preboosting

  • I wish I'd know about this before I spent weeks redesigning my layout to put all the spawns next to the labs!

    One thing I would like to point out is that MOVE boosts are fundamentally tied to the body of the creep (unless you're equally boosting MOVE and CARRY). For all other cases of boosting MOVE, the unboosted creep will be intolerably slow-moving. With preboosting removed, we have to make sure it can exit the spawn directly onto a square which is both adjacent to the labs for boosting and out of the way of other creeps.

    Although in fairness, with the whole unboost-renew-boost system you actually need such an area anyway.

  • Dev Team

    @systemparadox This is why we're adding Creep.pull at the same time.

  • This is a nice visual representation of inconsistency. Not allowed, not allowed, not allowed, allowed, not allowed, not allowed... wait, what? It's definitely looks like someone overlooked a missing check somewhere. But now we decide that no, it's intended to miss that check, and it's a feature, not just a mistake. Simply due to the fact that someone managed to take advantage of that missing check.

    But the first "allowed" is still going to be allowed (on the spawn), so its still going to be inconsistent. As I said I don't use the mechanic and I'm not likely to, but I don't agree with breaking a mechanic used by quite a few people to tidy up an API in a way that still won't be "clean", I've not seen a single person confused by and has what I see as bigger inconsistencies . It just seems like an unwanted change, but at the end of the day it's not my decision and won't affect me so I shouldn't care, I just do for some reason.

  • @qgazq can you quantify your "quite a few people?" I feel like the number of players using it can only be identified by the devs, and if "quite a few people" were using it, there would be a much larger community outrage than there was...

  • Well just based on this post and from slack, there must be 10 maybe have said they are to some degree. And there will be those that don't use the forums/slack. I'm not saying it is a huge number, but "if it ait broke don't fix it", or in this case, "if it ait broke don't break it".

  • @qgazq I think people with pre-boosting code will be more engaged with the game, and therefore more likely to be around in Slack or on these forums. So there's some selection bias in the population you used for your observations.