I am holy because i code.

  • enjoy your dead game.


  • I'm enjoying the game very much thank you. I saw you also made a post a few days ago on an old thread about bots, so it feels like you're trying to quit screeps but haven't quite quit yet. Am I right?

    You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about running bots. So I'll say that as this game's a sandbox you have every right to run an open-source bot you didn't write yourself, but equally some players (like me) have every right to attack any player they want (including players near them who are running bots they didn't write themselves).

    If you enjoy playing your ant farm, then do it!


  • I'm with wtfrank on this one (doesn't happen that often 😛 ).

    Sounds like you have some grievance with NPCs. Be aware that there's a lot of us vets out there who have been hunting NPCs. There's probably some around your area.

    Just drop on slack and ask for help if you feel your circumstances are unfair.

    The general consensus regarding NPCs has been that it should not be banned because the community self regulates. All you gotta do is reach out.

  • Well you seem rather pissed of about something.

    IIRC you ran a K-bot, that is normally the worse of the open source bots because it attack indiscriminately and can be a big problem, particularly for newer players. However, you were one of the "better" k-bots in that you actually seemed to have control over your bot and I didnt see it attacking indiscriminately.

    However, I agree with @wtfrank & @Atavus that the game should be played by players writing code. I was involved in the discussions about whether or not open source bots should be banned and I agreed that this was one for the community to handle. as long as those conflicts say in the game and do NOT turn personal.

    Its a sandbox game and can be played in any way you or I like.

  • Any chance you could point out some ways to spot bots?

    I'm fairly new to the game, writing my own stuff and learning as I go.

    Just wondered if there was any tell-tale signs that show a difference between botters and multiboxers?

    I've seen a few people where it looks like either a small group of people playing together, or a multiboxer... but other than the signs saying "Hi, I run a bot"... everybody just seems to be doing their own thing.

  • @iron said in I am holy because i code.:

    Any chance you could point out some ways to spot bots?

    http://www.leagueofautomatednations.com/ is the best method. The clone map shows bots, though it includes the original author as well as the non-coding players.

  • Thanks very much, I'll take a look at that and see if it helps me recognize what others are doing.

  • Dev Team

    Yes, @wtfrank, @Atavus, and @SteveTrov are absolutely right about non-coding players (NCPs): the official server does not have any restrictions on running open-sourced bots, but the community does definitely self-regulate.

    I think the majority of veterans think that running any bot at GCL1 gives you too much advantage over other beginning players in your novice area (who write their own code) which is unfair. It's nothing that vets can do to low-level bot in a novice area, but some of us believe it's only fair to make some inconvenience for NCPs when they are more or less established.

    So playing as NCP have both pros and cons (fast and easy first steps and dominance in novice area vs getting attacked by experienced players more often, in additional to it, some alliances doesn't accept NCPs as members)


  • @timbush yep 1500 active players. Game is definitely dead.

    Legit question tho. How did you rack up 400 hours without doing any coding? I cant stand watching the game for more than 10 mins if I'm not making changes. Did you leave it on for 18 days straight or something?

    Honestly I think you're robbing yourself of the fun of the game if you don't write the code yourself and if you haven't coded in 20 years and have no intention of starting again then maybe this game isn't the right game for you


  • Ya know what we need. A custom client and code so NCPs can click around RTS style with all the standard features: troop movement, force attack, patrol area, etc. They could be devastatingly effective early on, especially with only one room. But as soon as their clutch mates automate an attack they'll very quickly want to start writing code.


  • @deft-code I'm actually building my AI to be capable of being utilized in a more hands-on "guided" mode too. Though since you can't select and right-click send creeps around, I have to work around with flags.

  • @oriet a long time ago, someone made a ui client hack that gave you buttons to literally order creeps around like an rts.

    So technically the option is there.

  • @atavus I'm honestly okay with that not being an option. This game is, after all, about programming your own AI. But there's no harm done with being able to give some "guidance" to your little ant colony, am I right?

  • I think we need a screeps RPG. I want to watch the birth of a creep, experience their struggles in making to their source, the tireless effort they put into mining, and finally the sweet rest when a younger stronger creep comes to take their place.