Steam cloud integration?

  • I know there is a potential for a lot of file conflicts here, but I really would like to have a Steam Cloud integration for the Steam Client.
    I have several PCs on different locations (<- I'm talking about hundreds of km, not room scale) and it is really annoying to forget to sync the files sometimes. Using the Steam Cloud for the script and local server sync would be really nice.
    Most people use the "local" server only for testing purposes so I don't think file size should be a problem.

  • Sync your code with git?

    Each time you get to an out of date PC, all you have to do is pull the changes.

    There's plenty of private options (bitbucket, gitlab, ...) if you dont want to use github.

  • Yes, that is an option but only code wise.
    That still doesn't solve the server sync.
    (Yes I know you can upload all kinds of junk nowadays but that's not the point of a codebase)

    The next thing this isn't very "newcomer friendly" there are a lot of curious people who have absolutely no idea how git works. Besides it still requires user interaction either by manual pull/push requests or the automation of such.

    Steam Cloud is there and free, if I remember correctly, so why not use it.

  • Culture

    Syncing the server to steam cloud might not work so well, you could sync db.json, but beyond that it could have issues. However, you can also host the server on a vm or cloud provider to have a central place for it.