Change subscription model to be tick-based instead of time-based

  • To avoid penalizing players for slow tick times, the subscription model should be based on a number of ticks instead of real-world time. For instance, by replacing a 1 month subscription with a 864000 tick subscription, they get the same amount of ticks with subscription regardless of whether the server has 3 second ticks (which is what the number is based off of) or 5 second ticks. For players who are on multiple shards, the average tick speed of all of their shards should be used.

  • I get it, but unfortunately servers are not paid in "ticks"...
    It still stays fair since all people on the shard get the same amount on "ticks" in the same time.


  • YP

    That’s makes no sense. Even if it would make sense it’s not possible because steam and their other payment provider would not support that.

  • That would be very complex to manage: how, as a player can I know how long my subscription will last ? What if server are updated in-between and tick rate goes from 3s to 2s ?

    Also, computing multi-shards would be even more complex to understand (esp. if you use allowed cpu or number of rooms per shard in computations).