Non-ganky Combat options

  • For me the best and worst part of many MMOs is combat. Combat is great when both sides are wanting to fight and are evenly matched. Its at its worse where one side is being "ganked" i.e a stronger player is attacking a weaker player who has limited chance of surviving.

    1. Battle Arena. The idea being that two sides spawn in on a small (1 or 2 room map) and then compete to capture each others flags. Each player has some defensive structures and a budget of energy and boosts to build their army. Then the battle proceeds automatically. Then both sides would be able to review the replay and modify their code accordingly. With rankings and league tables it would be possible to ensure fairly even matches.

    2. A completely different idea was to give people something of significant value actually fight for on the public server. That is have special sectors that have significant rewards. The idea would be that these areas would be worth enough for alliances and player groups to fight over and to make the rooms near / in these sectors of higher value. To further the competition the rooms in the area could have reduced defenses. This feature would clearly appeal more to the more advanced players and those involved in large alliances.

    I think these ideas need fleshing out, but if but could be things that really enhance the game.

    Let me know what you think.


  • I like the idea of high value rooms with more then one mineral. Should have neutral rooms around it (3x3) so you would have to surround it completely if you don't want any visitors.

    We have those NPC rooms but I find those boring, energy isn't that interesting.

    Maybe make the X catalyst only available in those, could be a fun game changer.

  • @stevetrov

    I like #2 in particular because it has very high return (lots of fun) on development effort (almost none).

    I was a little surprised that the devs didn't shake up the standard layout when they created shards 1 and 2, since it seemed like a great opportunity to experiment a bit without upsetting anyone's current layouts.

  • I would also love to see something like #2 implemented. (Possibly as something to put in the center of the ring of source keeper rooms?)

  • I would really like an official arena, somewhat like the private servers SWC or BotArena where players spawn in and then compete for a limited time. Could be a free for all or tournament style with several 1v1 matches running in parallel.

  • @up that sounds great. Mayby there could be some prizes to make it more competitive, like Credits?