New/More tutorials?

  • After playing more then a year, I'm feeling comfortable playing around in the game. The tutorials in the sim/start of the game only show a couple of structures and ways to control them, but nothing more.

    For new players with little to no experience in programming, they're getting stuck after a couple of levels and give up most of the time. It takes too much effort to RTFM and figure things out.

    Others will play/start with public code.

    If the tutorials are expanded with useful examples about labs, terminals, nukes, observers etc etc, it's far more likely that people will create their own bots - more simplistic and understandable code, triggers to RTFM when they want to change something.

    For instance, the tutorials show how to get information about an object with the help of an ID, so people start writing code with fixed ID's 😝

    It would take more time to write those kind of examples/tutorials, I realise that. If it's something you'd like to implement, would it be possible for the community to contribute?

  • Dev Team

    You might want to take a look at our Contributed Articles program.