Subscription is still valid, but I am limited to 1 CPU, 5kB memory

  • I still have 21 days of my subscription, but I am limited to 1 CPU, 5kB memory (should be 90CPU and 2MB memory). Have I missed anything? (23 days when I first noticed this). I have recently canceled my renewal subscription.

    Here are my account page details:
    CPU Subscription: Active until 2017-12-20 (23 days)
    Next renewal: No subscription

  • Dev Team

    Hey BogdanBiv,

    There should be no limit on the memory as, that's not implemented.

    Could you execute the following line of code in console and report the outcome?

    console.log("Shard limits: " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.shardLimits));
    console.log("Cpu limit   : " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.limit));

    It should look something like this:


  • Here is what appears on the top right corner:

    CPU: 0 / 90 
    Mem: 464 / 2048 KB

    Anything I try to execute - does not work:

    console.log("Cpu limit   : " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.limit))
    console.log("Shard limits: " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.shardLimits));
    // no output!

  • Dev Team

    Does this also happen when you use this script?

    module.exports.loop = function () {
    	console.log("Cpu limit   : " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.limit));
    	console.log("Shard limits: " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.shardLimits));

    You can create a new branch to test this on.

  • @dissi-mark said in Subscription is still valid, but I am limited to 1 CPU, 5kB memory:

    console.log("Cpu limit : " + JSON.stringify(Game.cpu.limit));

    FYI: for me Game.cpu.limit returned 150, when my subscription was inactive and the UI showed my CPU is 10. Also my bucket refilled less than 10 units / tick.

  • Culture

    @dissi-mark if their account isn't active and they didn't buy through steam then there is no way to run that code, as their account wouldn't have CPU.

  • Dev Team

    You have 90 CPU in your account. It is simply inactive because you are not spawned in the world (don't have any spawns or other game objects).