PTR Changelog 2017-09-26

  • Dev Team

    This post describes changes on the Public Test Realm. The estimated launch date is September 28.

    • Added new StructureSpawn.spawnCreep method. createCreep and canCreateCreep are now considered deprecated, but still will be available for backwards compatibility.
    • When you click "Respawn", all structures now don't vanish, but change their owner to SYSTEM_USERNAME, so that other players are able to withdraw resources from them.

  • Culture

    Nice change! I've been waiting a long time for the new spawnCreep method. It's amazing and highly optimized if used correctly.

  • I just noticed that spawnCreep (as opposed to createCreep) does not automatically assign a name to created creeps anymore.

    I think this is an unneccessary complication for new players, which should not use a deprecated method like createCreep, should they?

    Was there a particular reason to leave that behaviour out? The pull request does not at all mention this change, I discovered it by chance after seeing that my spawning code does not work after changing to the new method signature.

    In case you want to keep the behaviour as is: The documentation of return values should be updated. Currently it only points at an errorneous creep body, but not at a missing name.

    edit: Reposted that comment on the changelog entry for the real world instead of PTR: