Exclude/deprioritize aggressive sectors in world_start_room

  • On shard1 a relatively capable player has "claimed" the northwest corner of the map, a bunch of respawn sectors. I spawned 6 rooms away from them and they quickly came over to kill me. I expect they are doing the same to anyone else spawning up there.

    Where this becomes a problem is that three of the top five "suggested" start rooms I see when I load the game or click to see a new area are all in those sectors. New players are being herded into this bad first experience.

    Maybe keep track of how many players get killed in a sector, and show that sector to fewer new players?

  • fsoc

    I feel new players should try and network a bit. If there is an area that is dominated or shows a factions presence more than others, they should message and either request protection so they can learn or join that faction.

    I do like the idea of showing a "heat map" for how aggressive a sector could be based on recent kills. Can help give more insight on where you would want to start.

  • Dev Team

    @shylo132 said in Exclude/deprioritize aggressive sectors in world_start_room:

    I do like the idea of showing a "heat map" for how aggressive a sector could be based on recent kills.

    You can use the overview for this. This feature is in the right top corner on the overview:

    Creeps lost

    Obviously new players might not know about this feature. Maybe we can add this to the suggestions list.

    It's quite clear that it's not a fun experience if you get killed off in no-time. If you guys got more suggestions or ideas on how we can prevent this please do tell. We love to hear more ideas.

  • fsoc

    @dissi-mark Creeps lost doesn't really show how many people were forcibly removed. Just shows there were a lot of battles in certain locations.

    New players won't know how to research that extensively in order to find a properly green location (or grey if they are brave).

    I believe an overview showing how many owners a room has can give proper judgement on weather someone wants to spawn there. This information helps because if I see a few room near other people had 3-5 previous owners, it is probably a bad spot to spawn compared to an area with a lot of 0's and 1's.

  • Dev Team

    I agree about the creeps lost counter, but it does show how aggressive a sector is.

    To give a bit more background, suggesting starting areas is a manual process. We are internally discussing what we can do on the short term to avoid this issue in the future. Any ideas are very much appreciated.
    I personally like the suggestion of a "previous owner" counter, it gives a bit more information about the area.😄

  • fsoc

    I guess if the creep lost created a colored overlay from white to yellow to dark orange to gauge the amount of action it would make it easier to read. I'll brain storm some stuff over the weekend.

  • @dissi-mark

    One of the big problems with using the creeps lost statistic is that most of the creeps lost are due to invaders in remote rooms.

    I think a much more useful statistic would number of structures destroyed.or damage done to structures