Credits Overview & Leaderboards

  • There isn't a lot of tracking for my personal goal sets in the market. I would like to see credits produced added to the overview and possibly a new leaderboard for it as well. 

    I have all the tools available to easily look at rooms GCL production and judge high performing and low performing rooms - I just want the same coverage with credits and a meter stick to compare myself against other players. Am I rich, am I poor? I have no idea.

  • You can/should build yourself a grafana dashboard to track this information. is an excellent source.

    Here's an example of one of my credit graphs:

    As far as comparing with other players. To be honest, I prefer that this information be kept private. It makes intelligence gathering more interesting. How big are your enemy's credit reserves? You'll need to do proper intelligence gathering or estimations of some sort to find out.

  • YP

    I think some data about other players should remain private .. a credit comparison would be meaningless because you can simply sell a token to get lots of credit.