• You can see it all for yourself, check out player Genovese around room E13S4 he is attacking my rooms there, you can see his spawn in room E13S7 now.

    Even when the initial push is destroyed, he makes the next one in a few minutes (respawn - rebuild). I can't build defenses fast enough in the room with controller level 5 and they don't arrive fast enough from another room.

    I don't feel that it's fare that level 1 player can destroy lvl 5 base just by respawning...

  • I think they should make a 24 hour respawn timer. That'd keep people from being able to "Spawn Spam" you. I had a player do the same thing to me last week and I was furious.

  • 24 hours is a bit much but it should defenitly be increased. I suggest changing from 1 minute to 1 hour.

  • Putting timer would prevent new player from choosing different room if he realizes a mistake though. If there is indeed a "bonus" energy (the spawn in the offender's room says 300...) perhaps put a rule in to not let it be used on attack/range_attack ? My problem is not so much with the constant respawn, but with the constant huge energy influx that can not be counteracted without much larger energy reserve.

  • Do you maintain ramparts? That's been my biggest help in repelling attacks. I wouldn't stand a chance without them

  • I do have ramparts, but by changing spawn locations he was able to break one of them and I am not able to rebuild it.

  • Initially, a player who just respawned receives 1000 points of energy in the spawn. However, there was an error in the calculation of a creep cost in the case when the spawn initially had more energy than its capacity. As a result, a creep worth of 910 energy required just 300. We've fixed it.

    We still keep thinking about the respawn mechanism itself, including possible means to avoid abuse. It is likely that some progressive fine will be introduced covering time between respawns and using it too often.

  • I was recently attacked by this way by someone with light gray rhombus on black background on badge. His name was on "Def".

  • I also agree that this should not be possible, however I also think that the game should add some kind of "morale" of the screeps. It is impossible for a starting player to defend against big players and since the map is very small, you have to spawn near a big player. It is also not fun for a starting player to get killed twice a day.

  • -- That's not fun and impossible to defend against!
    Puh-leease - 1) your defenses should have already been in place 2) Defending against RCL 1 with RCL 2+ is a no-brainer.

  • Just read official response, "As a result, a creep worth of 910 energy required just 300"
    That means such controller could spawn 3030 worth of creeps, which is equivalent of 50 extensions - level 7.

  • Where did you get the number 3030 from? You could spawn creeps of : 1.) 1000, 2.) 700, 3.) 400, 4.) 100 -> reinforcements -> 5.) 300.

    Maximum was 2500 (in which one creep of 100 was useless).

  • Read the official comment please!
    "As a result, a creep worth of 910 energy required just 300"
    So one could spawn 910+910+910, respawn and another 300
    That's the kind of forces that were attacking me...
    The point is moot, it's already been fixed.

  • In all honesty, stretching the respawn rate from anything longer than a few minutes would make it harder to start the game. I had to respawn several times and even now I sometimes get smashed to bits, such as by QzarSTB on monday evening. I was even watching the humiliation commence.

    Of course, the fast respawn rates make it easier to maintain a hold of a specific room even if you get killed to death but that can be countered by leaving a few creeps in a room after killing the spawn in it.

    A way to counter it would be to double the respawn timer as one respawns within a certain timeframe. For instance, if you respawn you'll have to wait 1 minute. If you respawn within a short period, say, the time it would take for the protective walls to come down, the timer is lengthened to 2 minutes, a third respawn will double the time again to 4 minutes and a fourth respawn would make it 8 minutes. This allows players to easily relocate to a new room if they made a poor choice but punishes players that want to exploit the extra energy given on a new spawn.

  • @DarkTrooper, you misinterpreted the official comment. Every creep above 300 would just cost 300, so after you're first you would have 700 left and so on. But gladly this bug is fixed so it doesn't matter anymore.

    @Toolmaker, I like the "penalty" for re-spawning in the same room. I agree that if you made a mistake by chosing a room you shouldn't have to waite longer to respawn in an other room. I'm sorry for attacking you, but the available rooms in our section of the map are rather limited since we're completely surrounded by Nugarin. Since he's currently getting killed by AzuraStar the need to attack you might go away 🙂

  • @QzarSTB: If you would be so kind to let me be in my room I'd be happy let inform my creeps to ignore yours if they're passing through under they condition they don't attack. I'm still at a very early stage trying to get a decent economy running and make my AI intelligent enough to deal with situations beyond just spawning static bodied creeps and re-spawning them in the order in which they died. I have no intention of expanding beyond my room at this point and having the opportunity to tweak the internals without too much interference would be nice.

  • Suggetion: If you respawn into the same room AND it has enemies you are not restricted. But if you respawn into a different room, or if you respawn into the same room and there was no enemies present (you were not under attack), the exits should be sealed for at least 12 hours to both prevent someone from entering and prevent you from leaving and taking advantage of bonus energy to grief other players.

    Its safe to assume if you choose to stay in same room while enemies were present you are interested in continueing your battle and have the right to defense. All other situations you should be in lockdown for a short period and 12 hour is a fair balance.