The game stopped calling my main method.

  • Culture

    Exactly 04:00 GMT+2, all my scripts just stopped. I tried to change my main module to simple:

    module.exports.loop = function () {



    But nothing is writing to the console. I can see all the other worlds updating and my creeps life is ticking down. 

    I bought the game from steam just 2 days ago so I should have the 30 days playtime. Anyone know what's wrong? Fast respond would be nice before my room vanish.

  • Same is happening to me.

    UPDATE: Seems to be fixed now.

  • Culture

    Worked for an hour. Now it's back again.

  • same here, game stopped.

  • Culture

    Whenever they do maintenance they "pause" the game. Type "Game.time" into the console and see if you get a response. If you don't it means the game isn't running, which in most cases means the admins are performing some maintenance.

    This game has gotten really popular in the last few days, so I expect this is going to come up more often than usual.

  • SUN

    I have the exact same problem here, game is stopped since about 1 H now.
    Strangely other people on slack report the game works for them ! so only some users would be affected

  • SUN

    game is working again , interruption was from 7:50pm (FR Time) to 9:30 pm