Add the rest of the "functional" structures to the Room or Game objects

  • Culture

    We can access terminal and storage from the Room object, and spawns from the Game object. I would like to see more functional structures added (in order of usefulness)-


    * Observer

    * Nuker

    * Power Spawn


  • You can just extend the Room prototype on your own.



            "powerspawn" : { get : _powerspawn },
            "my" : { get : _my },

        function _powerspawn() { return this.find(FIND_MY_STRUCTURES,{filter:{structureType:STRUCTURE_POWER_SPAWN}})[0]; }
        function _my() {
            return this.controller && ( || this.controller.reservation && this.controller.reservation.username === MY_NAME);


    To improve performance, you can add an additional caching step, which pulls the IDs from memory if available (which might not necessarily be faster depending on your memory structure).