Incorrect handling of available extension count when placing them manually

  • SUN

    Placing an extension manually using the web interface reduce the amount of available extension by more than the number of extension placed.

    Steps to reproduce:
    (using chrome browser)
    * select build structure (the box on the top bar)
    * select extension (assume you have 10 available)
    * click on the map to add an extension
    * click on the map to add a second extension
    --> Expected result: 8 more extensions available
    --> Result: 5 extensions available (or less)

    Reloading the page fixes the available extension count
    But placing extensions stay bugged.

    So you have to refresh 3 to 4 times to be able to place 10 extensions manually.

  • I've been getting the same problem in the Steam client.

    Also, after placing the new extension, clicking on the construction sites will bring up 2 extension constructionSite objects to choose from (also happens for walls, not sure about other objects). The additional constructionSite eventually goes away on it's own, but I suspect this is related.

  • Same. Web client. Chrome.

  • Not only for extensions; It happens for labs as well. Refresh fixes that issue too, so same behavior. 

  • Dev Team

    This is fixed now, thanks for reporting.

  • This bug is still present in the simulation room. Whenever I zoom in on a container it will show a construction site underneath. Changing to a different room is impossible because it will reset the sim room. It also happened that containers were never finished, even though the returned 0.