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    If you are running your own dedicated server that you want to share with other players, post its IP address in this thread. You may also describe all mods installed on your server.

  • Culture

    ScreepsPlus Server
    ScreepsPlus now has a private server up for all! 
    Port: 21025
    Slack channel: #screepsplus



    Custom mod containing:

    • Email notifications 
    • Tick rate setting (1100ms)
    • Other minor tweaks and bug fixes

  • I have a vanilla one running. 

    Port: 21025

    No mods installed right now, runs on a decent box. Seem to be running stable. 

    With the release of the public server I did a server wipe to get minerals working.  I will try to keep these wipes to a absolute minimum. 

  • I am running one, no user mods atm but very open to suggestion, looking for dev help for writing some custom plugins. Looking into increasing Max CPU to 100 currently is 30.



    no pass

    email me with suggestions!


    Edit: we are 150 cpu defualt right now!

  • EDIT: Server is down for now as I keep having problems with the storage connection. Will bring it back up if I find a solution.

    I am running a little experimental private server at:
    Port: 21025

    No password, everyone welcome

  • I have a dedicated server running 24/7.


    Port: 21025

    No password, everyone welcome.

    Vanilla server, no mods. Port forwarding setup etc, so should work fine, but if issues etc, email me:


  • Server: I'm doing my best to keep it up and running 24/7 but may have some downtime due to configurations and its not super high end equipment either 





  • 7/29/2017: I am sorry to report that this server is down. I am attempting to recover the files and set it up again on a new server. I appreciate those who came to play on it, and I am sorry for disappointing.

    Having issues with the slowdown of ticks on this server. Its a pretty beefy linux box, but I cant seem to get it working right. I've mostly given up on it, but Ill leave it running as long as I can.

    I don't know much about modding this game yet, and I don't have any automation set to expand the map. Its currently the default size map.

    Port 21025

    Contact me about server issues at

  • alt text

    Finally back up! Running on my dedicated Raspberry Pi!

    Running a server at normal tick speed, default map, no bots.

    • Host:
    • Port: 21025
    • Room history is enabled

    For help contact me on Discord: Hey It's Paul!#0751

    Additional note: I said I'd get this up and running by the end of the year, and I sure did!

  • Feel free to join @

    Pretty decent hardware, snappy server @ 1 tick per second.

    Auth Mod, Expanded Map, History Enabled.


    Msg me in slack or join #az-tsrx-open-server channel.


  • Hostname:

    Password: none, there isn't one, empty.

    Post: default

    CPU time: 100, but willing to adjust.

    Tickrate: 1 update per second.

    Come join the fun 😜



    More fast and more power, start with 100 cores.



  • New server with no mods.

    default port: 21025

    there is no password on the server at this time.

  • IP:

    HTTPS API, Random Portals & PowerBanks!

    CPU depends on your GCL

    Happy creeping 🙂

  • Address:

    Server parameters:

    Screeps server configuration: stock, no password, 24/7

    CPU: 4x Xeon 3GHz

    Memory: 2GB


    you can also add your own Screeps server into this project:

    there is a list of live private servers


    Just a Netherlands based "vanilla" Screeps private server.

    Host: / Port: 21025

    Ticks: 1500ms / CPU limit: GCL * 10 + 20

  • BadServer BETA (shard1)
    Map 4x4 (disabled very middle walls for event purposes)
    Ticks 750ms (currently, might change later)
    CPU 100 limit (currently, might change later)
    More Server will have events from time to time.