Cleaned out "novice" zone which turned into yet again, a novice zone

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    This area got it's novice state lifted at 1-11-2016. Not even 4 days later it's novice zoned again. This to me seems unacceptable. I couldn't even start reserving rooms again due to a busy schedule. I urge you to at least wait 2 weeks in between re-zoning novice areas as there is a 14 day waiting time yet again for me now.

  • Does that mean  you will "clean" us  as soon as the novice period end? 😞

    (I'm E14N19)




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    I send a claimer to E12N17 just before the walls came down again. I currently have no interest in E14N19, But I think nhanho has

  • I've complained on IRC about delays of 1-2 days on various game mechanics. 4 days without sending a claim creep seems like a pretty decent gap.

    That said, maybe the game could give nearby players a little warning that the novice zoning will happen? 50k ticks or so, then their scripts could go claim rooms if they need to.

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    It was a novice zone for 14 days

    It got released and I killed everyone off so I could claim it.

    The timers took 2 days to time out.

    I left it for about 2 days because of real life matters


    4 days between generating the same zone in the same place is weird.

  • Dev Team

    Before a novice zone is opened, statistics is analyzed within a 4-7 day timeframe. If you already have the code and plans for the room, it's sufficient to have 100 ticks for reservation.

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    - statistics is analyzed within a 4-7 day timeframe

    If a novice zone was there 14 days prior, it seems logically it shouldn't be a novice zone again within 14 days.

  • Dev Team

    There is no connection between a novice zone and the following pause. Currently, new sectors are opened for 25 days, but it doesn't mean they have to remain empty during 25 days. Also, novice zones can embrace rooms with a different history (timers) which can lead to confusion when using them for location.

    Solving an issue requires a goal, some objective reason to postpone the second opening. Reservation is a minute thing. You can start preparing plans after the first opening, which gives you more than 18 extra days.