[StructureSpawn] New argument in createCreep

  • Culture

    Could we add extra parameters (like find*) to the canCreateCreep and createCreep methods so we can pass which extensions are used?

    Something like {extensions: [list of extensions] } 

    This way we can have more control over our energy supplies and where the energy comes from. The script could take the extension arrays and empty them in the right order accordingly.

  • That would be awesome. Yes please.

  • Proposal is pretty good, but it can be difficult to implement: if these functions will call simultaneously several times per one tick with intersecting sets of extensions/spawns, they may return false positive/negative OK status. I think it's a scheduler issue and can't be resolved with a few lines of code.

    Dissi, with an open private server sources u can try to implement it by yourself 😃

  • CoPS

    I really like this idea.