Weird CPU reporting and how to delete memory on other shard

  • AYCE

    I've recently restarted playing the game. Started on shard1, ended up respawning on shard2.

    The upper right place on the screen where it shows CPU usage is showing something like 35 CPU used per tick. But, if I call Game.cpu.getUsed() then it is reporting a reasonable amount of CPU used for the whole tick, which averages around 3ish which is reasonable.

    It is like CPU is being used somewhere else and not getting reported. I did realize that I left memory on shard1. I cannot delete it. I even allocated 10 CPU to the shard, but apparently you can't do anything without objects in the shard.

    Any idea why there is 30+ extra CPU usage showing up every tick, and how can I get rid of the memory on shard1?

  • Dev Team

    Your code is not executed on shard where you don't have any creeps or structures. In order to clear the memory on another shard, you may send a scout to the target shard via portals and maybe wait couple of minutes. This would activate your code on the target shard and you'll be able to clear the memory. As for displaying excess CPU, it should be fixed for you currently.