Nuking youself for infinite safemodes

  • By sending nukes to your own rooms to reset the safe mode cooldown as you like seems like an unintended game effect. By utilizing this, you can keep safemoding up in a room as long as you keep sending nukes.

    I know in the past, respawning for the safe mode resets has been considered as abusing game mechanics, so i wonder if this falls in the same category?

    Should this mechanic be changed?

    This was recently used as part of an attack on MMO and I think the same player is now setting up again to use the same tactic. Which is why I would like to raise this question again, as its actively (ab)used and not just theory crafting.


  • TMB

    It's absolutely an abused tactic. I believe this documents the nuke tactic you were talking about: The strategy was a key component in taking a room from the best player in the game, something that almost certainly wouldn't have happened if nukes weren't so helpful in resetting safemode. @o4kapuk would you be willing to comment on what you think about this abuse and if anything will be changed? This tactic really hurts combat and the concept of strategy in the game.

  • I'd say that the algorithm should be "previous safe mode cooldown time + 200 ticks". Of course, it could be a way of playing since every bug gets its own use, as long as they don't make some players absolutely invulnerable - which I believe wouldn't happen, this tactic actually hits the best player back. Or in a way we can accept the assertion of nuke landing only available in other players' rooms.