Shard3 is struggling in the evening, third day in a row

  • Suggestions from Slack indicates that this may be a consequence of the take-out a few days back.

    Is something not quite back to normal yet?


  • Tonight, last ten minutes average 7.36s, with a peak of over 14 seconds.

    @artch, any thoughts?


  • I too would love to know why such a slowdown, and if its being looked into with plans on a fix, or if its just going to be this speed from now on. It is really quite a massive slowdown seemingly all of a sudden. Many times I think my script has an error because it goes 10+ seconds without anything moving.

    I dont mind long, slow, drawn out games, but there is a line where it gets frustratingly slow, and we crossed that days ago 😞 I think it was only 3-4 seconds per tick when I started playing a few weeks ago.

    anything we as players can do to help the devs get it back to normal?

    As a noob, I wouldnt be averse to... ahem... a complete restart 😄 a fresh shard 3 at 2-3 seconds per tick? (im only half joking, i know many players would be quite upset)

    Either way, I just hope it gets fixed.

    Random suggestion, isnt there some way that players could donate processing power to the server from their own computers? 12+ hours a day my pc is idle, id be happy to help process the game to see faster tick times. Like a distributed processing sort of setup. I know thats probably a huge undertaking code wise and maybe not even feasible but I couldnt help throw the idea out there.


  • Dev Team

    The root cause of this issue is not completely clear yet. We're working together with the staff of our hoster to identify and solve this issue as soon as possible.


  • Do I smell cpu steal on shared VMs?

  • Dev Team

    @rhef We don't use shared VMs, your nose is wrong.