Respawn in season shard

  • Hi there,

    I find impossible to respawn in the season shard (my 3rd attempt failed after the initial safemode expired).

    My code can not upgrade above RCL3 in 20k ticks, and also I couldn't protect myself agains RCL 6-7 rooms. This is completly fine, but there is no room in the season shard where I am not in the proximity of one of the "strong" players.

    Since there are no respawn areas, I don't see a chance to stay away from better players, therefore I can't get a single score.

    If the score amount would differ based on the distance to the center, it could be easily solved, because the the stronger player who wants to win would try to be as close in the middle, as they can, and weaker players like me could stay on the rim making slower progress, but could stay alive.

    what is your idea about this?

  • If you can't get to RCL3 in the first safemode you need to look at your code and not look for handholding. Even with a novice/respawn zone, code at that level will not last on a competitive shard such as seasonal.

  • I do think there should be some mechanic that allows for players to keep respawning and have a chance at fighting back, I don't really like the idea of a novice/respawn.

    Here's some ideas:

    Upgrade bucket - where every week after the start of seasonal you get a bucket that doubles your upgrade until it runs out. - 500,000 every week after start.

    More of a safemode start - extra 5k per week after start.

    Maybe a 2nd shard where rewards are a lot less, and so are the players then.

  • @shibdib I can get only to RCL3, but an RCL3 room simply not enough to fight back RCL6+ rooms.I don't say it is impossible at all, but definetly for me.

    I have no intent to win the game, that's not my level. But what I need is a chance to "play", because respawning every second day, is not fun at all.

    Also different season shards could be used, or at least something to separate players by their "level". In every sports players/teams has their league.

  • Some one just asked about respawn zones on Slack in the #seasonal-server channel, o4kapuk responded yes, but no more details than that yet.

  • To Update, today two zones were added on the edge of the map.

    There's a novice zone with 10 days here:!/room/shardSeason/W15N35

    And a respawn zone with 9 days here:!/room/shardSeason/E15S35

    Both zones appear to have score zones that are cut off from other players outside the zone for the duration of the zone,