Allow dismantling ruins

  • C.CONSTRUCTION_COST is not defined for ruins. A new player who spawned in a room filled with ruins has to endure the ugliness of the ruins for a very, very long time, as those ruins decay super slowly. If the construction cost was defined for the ruins, the player could just dismantle them to clean his room up. Currently the only method is to nuke yourself and that's just silly.


  • better solution would probably be to just cut the decay time for those ruins way down... no reason an empty ruin should last that long

  • I love the long lived ruins left over from an abandoned room. It gives an archeology vibe. I'd like to see some even longer back. How cool would it be to find some ruins for Dissi or Atavus.

    However, I totally understand about the need to clear ruins out of a claimed room.
    How about an API to dismiss a Ruins that only works in claimed rooms. Like how remove() works for ConstructionSites.

  • NO