Disable default notifications

  • I don't want default notifications. A road is under attack? I don't care. A creep is under attack? Also don't care. Controller about to level down? Don't care. Controller levelled up? You guessed it, don't care!

    What I do care about is custom notifications. I can reimplement any default notification using these. The trouble is they get drowned out by the default notifications. This basically makes the notification system fairly useless. I can disable a lot of the default notifications but not all - eg. I can't disable "road under attack".

    I kinda also care about error notifications, so a separate checkbox for them would be nice.


  • I definitely agree with this. I think it's fair to say i'm well within the great majority here when I just swipe away my email notifications about screeps by default.

    Giving us options to select what kind of (stock) notifications we want or at least setting the default to no notifications would be a great plus for the game overall in my opinion.

    While we're at it i'd also once again propose notification parameters for the spawn method so we don't have to keep implementing workarounds for a system that should add value to the game, because it really only detracts from it instead currently. In that line of thought it would also be good to have these parameters added to other methods too, so we can just create construction sites with the notifications for the resulting structure already turned off or claim a room without getting controller notifications. Now, of course this latter one would just be nice to have but i wouldn't necessarily classify it as "necessary", as i do for creeps. At the very least a working check for notifications should be implemented so we don't have to pay the intent cost for every object that already has it turned off already, just because it returns OK all the time.

  • My work around. Loop over all spawns, if they're spawning a creep next tick, hack the creep to disable the notifications. An alternative I considered is disabling notifications whenever a creep has 1499 ttl, but that has slight problems with regenerated creeps and claim creeps.
    My point is not that we have a work around instead that my two options are kinda convoluted.

    To Tigga's point.
    I have twice (I forgot why I decided it was a bad idea) implemented Claim+downgrade instead of reserve for remote harvesting. It's a cool tradeoff (varied solutions, game breadth, etc). But the controller downgrade email spam was too much. There is no in game way to work around the problem. I suppose if I really cared I could craft an email filter to just delete the controller downgrade spam, but yuck.

  • While on the subject of unwanted emails... I think it's safe to assume that people don't want emails about their typos in the console.

    1 notification received on shard1:
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token .
        at _console1599257464959_0:1:51
        at _console1599257464959_0:1:60
        at Object.exports.evalCode (<runtime>:15550:71)
        at Object.exports.run (<runtime>:31737:41)
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  • Also would be nice if the email notifications used the same dark background as the console. I use my log function to send email notifications that include HTML colors which aren't always readable with white background.

  • @tehfiend if you're already using HTML, can't you just set the background color yourself?

  • @eduter The tag doesn't support background colors and we don't have access to the