Decoration placement UI broken in Firefox

  • I am unable to place decorations in Firefox, as the room selection menu is missing information. Works fine in Steam Client and Chrome. The options appear briefly for a fraction of a second, then disappear. I suspect the relevant UI elements are moved far to the left and right and end up outside the Popup window. Screen Resolution seems to have no influence (tested in 1080p and 1440p).

    Shard affected: all

    What happened:

    In Firefox, select a decoration in the decorations menu. Menu to place decoration pops up, but is incomplete: Option to select shard and room is missing, as well as some of the Graffiti-specific options for lighting etc:


    What should have happened:

    The options should be visible. The same menu in Chrome for comparison:


    Steps to reproduce:

    Open the decorations menu in firefox and attempt to place a Graffiti or Room Deco. Currently I am using Firefox 79.0 (64-Bit), which appears to be the most current version.

  • Dev Team

    @zinki Thank you for the report, we'll take a look


  • Dev Team

    Should be fixed now