Overview page loading slow

  • The overview page has been slower and slower to load lately (30-60 seconds usually, sometimes even more).

    It looks like the DOM loads quickly but API calls are preventing the page contents from displaying.

    I noticed this API endpoint is taking a long time to respond in the network tab before the page contents show:

    Could it be related to Stats Energy Overflow?


  • Have noticed it loading slower as well, started making a bookmark folder for my rooms.

  • The stats themselves are incorrect for me as well.

    Control points is 170 million higher then expected (hourly, daily and weekly)., harvested 300 million. This is 6 weeks of production for me in one hour.

    I'm presuming there's a bug where there are too many stats being summed. This causes slow loading times and incorrect numbers as well. For top players this causes integer overflow as well.

  • I've been totally unable to load the overview page for over a week now. That's a pretty big problem imo. Any ETA on the fix @o4kapuk ?

  • Before, the control points / harvest counters were broken, but now they have stopped working altogether.

    I used to use this feature quite a lot to quickly check whether my rooms were running smoothly or not, so could you guys please fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks for the report, we'll look into it