Factories, new resources, NPC Strongholds

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    @davaned However how does Shield fit into that? No energy spent, no energy returned, but dismantle works.

    Power-created entities are meant to be "magic" exceptions.

    Does dismantle work on tombstones/ruins? I always thought of dismantle as kinda like bulldozing everything down and picking up the scraps.

    It does not work on tombstones/ruins.

    Dismantle returns 50% of the energy spent (for walls/ramparts). It's not just "scraps", it's a lot. Imagine if you disassemble a house and retrieve back every other item from it in a reusable condition. It cannot be done by a bulldozer, it requires accuracy and skills.

  • @artch As we think about newer players. It was a little counter intuitive to discover that reservation cores cannot be dismantled and can only be attacked. I understand why because you could just simply have all of your drillers engage reservation cores but a design theme for screeps has been to dismantle structures and to attack living things. It may be too late to change it now but if the reservation cores were a living (and stationary) invader vs a stationary structure then newer players more easily see that dismantling it won't work.

  • @artch Will this 10% variation on stronghold decays be added to the constants in the documentation?

    Also the current value for stronghold_decay_ticks still says 150000 vs 75000 in the constants of the docs

  • A couple ideas:

    Stronghold Loot Levels: Have greater variance in loot. Similar to mineral patches, lootboxes etc, you want to have highs and lows. If you very occasionally have a L3 SH spawn with a T5 commodity lower level players can get excited and try to crack something that might be a stretch for them. It also makes them less of a pure loot farm mechanic for a player who has "solved" them, they can do some math around expected expenditure vs reward etc.

    An idea for a new L1 so that there is a reason to empower factories even if you don't want to take on the commodities.

    Enriched Power (ER)

    Factory T1 item: 100 power and 5000 energy, cd 700.

    1 ER = 100 power and can be uncompressed in a factory (PS?) to gain processed power to their account. Give new players a way to acquire some early power levels for factories easier, and a new trade item. Alternatively, could offer a smaller energy cost than processing but an extremely long cd.

    An odd behavior: https://screeps.com/a/#!/history/shard2/W24N54?t=19920555 Invaders killed off the ramparts of a stronghold deploying. Is this intended?

  • Hi,

    Im using typescript, and i cant find updates of @types/screeps reflecting the API changes. what can i do ?

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    @chuckingame you can find the maintainers (probably at #screepers) and ask them to update the package. Or help them to do it.

  • @chuckingame said in Factories, new resources, NPC Strongholds:


    Im using typescript, and i cant find updates of @types/screeps reflecting the API changes. what can i do ?

    According to https://github.com/screepers/typed-screeps/:

    As of 29 Oct 19, the published version on npm is out of date, and the project is currently updating to reflect the latest Screeps changes. If you wish to use these types, it is currently recommended that you copy the current typings manually.

  • @jbyoshi thanks, that works for me

  • This post is deleted!

  • Took down a lvl 4 stronghold for the first time: https://screeps.com/a/#!/history/shard1/W6S25?t=27636900

    pretty shakey.