PTR - PWR_GENERATE_OPS does not work

  • Game.powerCreeps.Vitaly.usePower(PWR_GENERATE_OPS)

    Gives me

    [14:35:32][shard2]TypeError: Cannot read property 'ops' of undefined
        at Object.usePower (<runtime>:41089:32)
        at eval (eval at <anonymous> (_console1568122531388_0:1:46), <anonymous>:1:25)
        at _console1568122531388_0:1:46
        at _console1568122531388_0:1:60
        at Object.exports.evalCode (<runtime>:15977:71)
        at (<runtime>:30522:41)

    on PTR.

    Works fine on the main server.

    More details: Vitaly has empty carry, is in a power enabled room, and has level 1 PWR_GENERATE_OPS.

    EDIT: GUI is showing 0/0 carry. Game.powerCreeps.Vitaly.carryCapacity is undefined Game.powerCreeps.Vitaly.carry gives

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'energy' of undefined
        at exports.make.register.wrapFn.Object.defineProperties.C.RESOURCES_ALL.reduce (<runtime>:41255:40)
        at Array.reduce (<anonymous>)
        at new <anonymous> (<runtime>:41253:29)
        at Object._storeGetter (<runtime>:40834:12)
        at Object.get [as carry] (eval at exports.defineGameObjectProperties (<runtime>:1093:9), <anonymous>:7:61)
        at eval (eval at <anonymous> (_console1568123312311_0:1:46), <anonymous>:1:25)
        at _console1568123312311_0:1:46
        at _console1568123312311_0:1:60
        at Object.exports.evalCode (<runtime>:15977:71)

  • Dev Team

    @tigga this is weird, I'll take a look

  • On PTR I've encountered this same issue: TypeError: Cannot Read property 'ops' of undefined. In my case the PowerCreep was empty and trying to use PWR_REGEN_SOURCE.

  • Dev Team

    @Tigga @deft-code could you please confirm that the issues are still there? I'm observing PTR, looks fine.

  • Looks fine now. I think it's reset since I had the issue. Maybe it was due to the state the PC was in when the transition to PTR occured?

  • Dev Team

    @tigga Yeah, we used a wrong script on Tuesday. After that, we reset it again with the right script, everything should be ok now.

    @deft-code please confirm or report something 🙂

  • I re-enabled PWR_REGEN_SOURCE on PTR and it's working now.