Dev update 2019-08-08

  • Dev Team

    Hi people,

    Here are things we're currently working on:

    • The next major release with Factories, Strongholds, market update, and .store refactoring.

    • Relocating the official server to another datacenter. In the scope of this process, we also reworking the architecture of the official game server cluster and deployment process using Kubernetes. It should improve the server's stability and avoid many deployment issues for both the primary server and the Public Test Realm.

    • One new infrastructure open-source project which is yet to be announced.

    • World map rework using PixiJS/WebGL to improve its performance and allow for more visual features.

    • Decorations! Wall graffiti and room landscape themes (visible from the world map, see the previous point), structure skins, creep effects, and other sorts of visual enhancements will be forged from the new account-level resource called "Pixels". Here is the first (but not the last) teaser picture of this new system:

    • And hereby we're going to officially announce the future Screeps Arena project! It is still in the early concept stage, but we're serious about it, and its page is already available on Steam store. Here is the brief project description:

      Screeps Arena is a strategy PvP game for programming enthusiasts, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units AI. You write JavaScript that fights 24/7 with other players in a match-based arena environment.


      • You don't control your units directly, you play by writing full-fledged JavaScript that runs on game servers.

      • Your code is executed 24/7 while fighting with other players' code during series of short fast-paced 1x1 matchups.

      • The system will match equal opponents based on your arena rating.

      • Different "arenas" (multiplayer game modes) each with its own rules set and goals covering many aspects of a strategy game - gathering resources, base building, attack and defense tactics, CPU-effective algorithms, etc.

      • We will introduce new arenas for every season so that you always have to write new code for different challenges.

      • Play with friends and design your own challenges and arenas.

      According to this new project, we've updated our landing page with new design: