CPU Assignment buggy

  • I'm trying to do fully automatic cross shard expansion & cpu management.

    I managed to give negative and float cpu assignment to my shards. This may as well be caused by problems on my end, but since I'm now on a 12 hour lockdown I'm locked out of 3 of the 4 shards.

    This also triggered a cpu bug on shard 2 a while after some creeps entered:

    TypeError: `timeout` must be integer
        at Object.exports.evalCode (<runtime>:15992:76)
        at Object.exports.run (<runtime>:30483:24)

    I wasn't able to run any code on shard 2 afterwards. This error was on repeat until all my creeps died.


    This is the code that probably triggered it:

            // populate shard names (by trial and error!!)
            /**@type {String[]} */
            this._shards = [];
            try {
                let i=0;
                for(let i=0; i<1000;i++) {
                    let shardName = 'shard'+i;
                    this._shards.push (shardName);
            catch (err) {}
                // divide cpu evenly between shards
                let totalCPU = 0;
                let shardLimits = Game.cpu.shardLimits;
                for (let shard in shardLimits) {
                    totalCPU += shardLimits[shard]
                let dividedCPU = totalCPU / this._shards.length;
                for (let shard of this._shards) {
                    shardLimits[shard] = dividedCPU;

    I'm at 20 cpu, so this gives a 5/5/5/5 division.

    There's at least one bug in my code: I'm assigning my own shardLimits by reference, thereby I modify the Game.cpu.shardlimits by accident. Does this maybe break setshardlimits?

    Questions related to this bug:

    • What am I doing wrong in my setShardLimit call?
    • Setshardlimit isn't documented very well. Can I pass floats or do they need to be ints?
    • Can I pass values higher then my CPU limit?
    • How can I determine my max CPU limit (without hard coding). Is my assumption correct that I can sum all assigned shard CPU?
    • How can I safely determine all shard names? Getshardlimits only returned my current shard before I reassigned.
    • What happens if I pass values higher or lower then my total or the shard limit?
    • Can setCPUlimit get some safety checking before committing to the 12 hour countdown? like: no negative values, no floats, unspend CPU automatically allocated or not allowed. The GUI already does this.

    Because the timeout is 12 hours and I can't find the CPU stuff in the source code on github, it's very hard to experiment / find this out for myself.

  • An update: I now manually set cpu limit to 1/1/5/13 for my shards. After sending in new creeps from shard3 > shard2 I was struck by the timeout error again after 2 ticks.

    After a while it reset and stopped. I'm now logging the CPU and it is as follows: immediately


    What I'm seeing is that:

    • My bucket didn't fill up when I had no creeps there (I wasn't there for > 12 hours)
    • My bucket still has floats in it.
    • The timout error triggers if I have a bucket <500 with a float value.

    I hope it fixes itself when I get to a full bucket again.

  • Dev Team

    @jerdaz Thank you for your report! We'll try to reproduce the assignment issue. Here, some answers:

    • You supposed to use integers in setShardLimits
    • You can't pass values higher than your CPU limit. If you managed to do that, please report the bug into the official support system
    • Your max CPU limit is always 20 without a subscription or 20 + GCL*10 with a subscription. Sum of all assigned shard CPU should be the same. If it's not, please report the bug...
    • There is no safe way to get shards list currently. We'll see what we can do about it.
    • If you pass values higher or lower then your total limit, you'll get the error. If you pass a value higher than the shard limit, it will be accepted and CPU will be assigned to the shard, but excess CPU will not be used.
    • setShardLimits should check arguments and return an error if something is wrong. If it's not, please report the bug...

  • Hi Nikolay,

    Thanks for the info. I've let it rest for some time but did another attempt at dynamic cpu assignment.

    I think the bug is triggered by assigning too much cpu to shard3 (more then 20).

    I tried cpu assignment again last night. This time with a 60/60/60/60 division. This triggered the bug again. Because of negative cpu on shard 0/2/3 my entire economy collapsed for 12 hours.

    This morning I added a manual code snippet that did a 200/10/10/20 assignment and it worked fine.

    My goal is to be able to colonize to current and future shards fully autonomously, without hardcoding constants about those shards. This doesn't seem possible at the moment.

    The reason I assign too much to shard 3 is:

    • Currently I do not need more then 20 cpu per shard
    • I haven't found a way to find the shard limit without hardcoding constants

    To fix it, I will have to adjust my code to:

    • Add a max cpu constant for shard3
    • Disable colonization to shard4 and beyond

  • This post is deleted!