Re: [Visual bug (Broken lighting and rotating yellow planes)]

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    @z3r0 Weird, I still can't reproduce the issue on the replay you provided. We'll take a closer look at renderer. If you'll able to replicate the issue (which means the description of how to see it without words like "sometimes"), that would help a lot!

  • @o4kapuk I am not able to reproduce it in the world replay either, and for now I only know that the trigger is time/random based (I dont think its something with the world, rather the game. maybe a full reinstall might fix it, but we still wont understand what the issue is) Is there anything in the game code that activates after a certain amount of time? around 3h? cause it has never happened back to back, its always more than 2-3 hours between them.

    bad data package? corrupt file? maybe that information can be gathered by cache/logs? if so, maybe the Tick can help find the time?

    Tell me if you want me to reinstall, and I can take out my scripts.

  • @o4kapuk If I remember correctly the last time that occurred it was also visible in the replay...
    @Z3R0 have you tried to switch to legacy?
    If it happen there it could be a hint that it isn't the renderer rather something underlying where it gets is informations from.
    Also please update your driver's it is unlikely but sometimes a solution.

  • @mrfaul I can try.


    about the bug and objects in the room. I can read the stats of Creeps, room controller, sources, spawns. But I can't read static things, like roads, walls, ramparts, and minerals (without extractor)

    Also, I can't click on settings (Display options), and if I click "view profile" I get this error/picture (repeatable "Edit: repeatable before reset")

    alt text

    The reason I apply "sometimes", is cause I can be away from my computer a few hours get back and refresh everything (by changing room) and the bug is there, or play actively and the same happens.

  • Legacy/(WebGL turned off)

    alt text

    Was able to see my profile, and click settings now. not sure if it's related at all, but I'm leaving it in. Also, I'm able to see some of the object stats I could not see last time (including rampart)

  • @o4kapuk Are SVGs used for the renderer?
    If so, it might be a faulty path, easiest test would be to run all through a validator like the one W3C offers.

  • Dev Team

  • @o4kapuk not sure how many or who have this issue. but I know of one more who have more or less the same scenario as me.

    • Steam

    • Played the game a while back, and just started to play again. (just updated the game, so not a fresh install as far as I know)

    I will try to reinstall the game, only keeping my scripts.

    • Copied "scripts" in AppData local screeps
    • Uninstalled via steam
    • removed screeps folder in appdata local
    • removed screeps folder in steam
    • install, and adding my scripts

    Edit: Did not solve the issue.

  • I wanted to report that I have exactly the same issue on Steam version on Windows present in all available rendering settings. It happens randomly, often within ~1h of play. I installed Screeps on 2019-04-30.

  • Same issue here.
    Seems to ocurr in the steam version only.
    WebGL on/off seems to make no difference.
    Switchting rooms triggers it, but i'm not sure what other conditions have to be met for it to appear.