WTF is wrong? My creeps just jumped a shard...

  • This is rather curious.

    I re-spawned earlier this day on shard2 (also reassigned CPU to there).
    And now I'm on shard1 while nothing works.

    Could there be a DB bug somewhere?!/room/shard1/E48N43

    Location and map are the same but the shard is different.
    This is wired 😑

  • Are you sure you were on shard2 even? Room E48N43 on shard2 is reserved by sbystrov, has been reserved by them for quite some time, and is in the middle of their empire. I just can't imagine you spawning in there accidentally or intentionally 🙂


  • ... Hmmm yeah it seems like it was confused when I re-spawned,
    and now it is back to normal.

    The thing is I deliberately selected shard2, as mentioned I reassigned the CPU to there.
    That means the front end had a big fuck up at that moment so this is a UX problem...

    @o4kapuk You looked into the CPU reassign UX recently any chance that this incident is in the wake of it?

  • AYCE

    I have seen a bug where if you sit on shard1/E1N1 and change the url to shard2/E1N1; then use the minimap to look at a nearby room you end up on shard1 again.

    Not sure if that has caused your problem, but just in case it is related.