Power Era has begun!

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  • @omnomwombat said in Power Era has begun!:

    Clarification about whether simultaneous execution of powers is allowed

    No, only the last called power will be used, per creep.

    Clarification about whether powers are enabled in rooms without controllers

    They are. Controllerless rooms are power=on by default.

    Clarification about whether power creeps can be spawned/renewed in rooms with power disabled.

    They most certainly can. I've had one sitting around in a power-disabled room for past two days.

    Which, if any of the normal construction limitations apply to rampart creation. For instance, neutral rooms, opponent's rooms, room borders/edges.

    • Neutral rooms: yes
    • Opponent rooms: probably yes
    • Controllerless rooms: yes
    • Edges: normal building rules apply (not within 2sq of exit tile)

    Clarification about stacking

    Higher level powers will override and replace the lower/same level power effects. No stacking. (from engine code).

    ticksToLive is listed as undefined for power creeps that are not spawned, but appears to actually be NaN

    Appears to be NaN for creeps spawned on different shard than running code.

  • Dev Team

    @crusher48 It's in the game client, check this page https://screeps.com/a/#!/overview/power. Don't hesitate to create a PC there, it won't be saved until you click Save, you can just plan skills and then cancel.

  • @tun9an0 said in Power Era has begun!:

    @artch some documentation only mention some constant like PWR_* requiring to basically open the constants document and ctrl+F it. It would be a bit more accessible to have a listing locally for say "usePower" and the capabilities method.

    I think I also agree with this.For example in the creep API docs we have a table describing all of the creep body parts. There is no such thing for power creeps.

    There's a few places where the implementation isn't entirely clear (though I may have just missed it in the docs):

    • Unowned room powers
    • Operate spawn on already spawning creeps
    • Regen mineral on empty minerals
    • Fill order of operate extensions
    • Fortify vs other powers (ie. does fortify block disrupt_*)
    • Stacking behaviour

    I know all the answers to the above having dug through the source, but they could be a bit more explictly stated. We're all newbies again with power creeps!


  • Dev Team

    OK, we updated usePower documentation a bit, and added the full list of available powers to the Power article.

    As to specific powers subtle semantics, I don't think it's realistic to expect all possible nuances and edge cases to be explained in the description, it'd be more like wiki rather than documentation. We better leave this to individual players and community to figure out.


  • Is it correct that Towers can only attack/heal Creeps and not PowerCreeps? Or is this a documentation omission?




  • Dev Team

    @wtfrank this is just docs, creeps and towers should interact with power creeps the same way as with regular creeps.

  • How long will it take before commander and executor power creep classes are released?

  • @crusher48 That's a difficult question considering things never are released on time.

    Better question: Is the current feature timeline roughly in this order?

    • Factories
    • Strongholds
    • Commander
    • Executor

  • @artch I cannot find anywhere what is the size of the InterShardMemory. Is it 100kb like the InterShardSegment used to be? If so, is it 100kb per shard? In any case, it might make sense to update the documentation with the answer.