rangedMassAttack() hitting and killing creeps that are still being spawned

  • Which shard is affected?

    seen this happen on shard3, but likely to be on all.

    What happened?

    5 creeps with .rangedMassAttack() killed a creep that was still being spawned inside the spawn. Once the spawning finished, only a tombstone was produced under the spawn.

    What should have happened?

    I am not sure, but given recent discussions about pre-boosting being "inconsistent" with outside things being unable to affect creep being spawned this seems kinda, erm, inconsistent.

    How can we reproduce this?

    Likely under same circumstances. Start spawning a creep from a spawn under attack by rangedMassAttack() creeps.

    Replay link



    #3723400: replay starts with spawn and 5× rh2m creeps sieging it with RMA going off
    #3723408: spawn starts spawning a creep
    #3723425: creep's in spawn body pip array goes blank, with 6/24 ticks to go
    #3723431: spawning completes, no new creep emerges, a tombstone appears under the spawn, containing the name of the creep being spawned


    #3723467: spawn initiates another creep
    #3723477: spawning creep's body pip array goes blank, 2/12 ticks remaining
    #3723479: no creep spawns, another tombstone appears with the name of the creep that was being spawned

    I'm mostly interested to know if this is a bug or intended feature.

  • Dev Team

    @orlet This is a known issue, but thank you for reporting anyway. It's has a low priority because if you let enemy creep to do RMA next to your unprotected spawner, you gonna lose that spawner very soon anyway.


  • Dev Team

    @orlet should be fixed now.