PTR Changelog 2019-01-30: InterShardMemory

  • Dev Team

    This post describes changes on the Public Test Realm.

    Introduced new global object InterShardMemory. It supersedes RawMemory.interShardSegment which is now considered deprecated.

    See PTR documentation.


  • Typo in the PTR docs.

    Every shard can own raw...

    should be

    Every shard's own raw...

    Also minor nit.

    ... its own segment, other shards' ...

    probably should be:

    .. its own segment; other shards' ...

    However, no one would ever notice and it's still grammatically correct with a period.

    Last item. Raw contents seems to imply something about the nature of the string used in the intershard memory. I assume that is not the case and shared memory is simply a string (no special utf encoding or value escaping). I think you should avoid the word segment to avoid confusion with the old api.

    Returns the string contents of the current shard's memory.
    Replace the contents of the current shard's memory with value.
    Returns the string contents of another shard's memory.

    I'm a little unsure about using the word memory. It's a little better than just "data" but still too vague. Maybe instead of memory, InterShardMemory.