All screeps die at once.

  • If I come back to screeps after a long time has passed, some of my screeps will be doing their programmed jobs, others will just stop moving. But it's not an issue with my code, because as soon as I make a random change to cause an error in the console, and then fix that same error, (like type "alskasf"), and then delete the error and run the console, either everything starts back up again, or all my creeps just die instantly like the committed suicide.

    Anyone know what the issue is?

  • That sounds like a refresh issue. I might be being too obvious but have you turned it off and on again (either refresh the browser or exit and restart the client). I often get glitches if I leave it open when I'm not around.

  • Dev Team

    @mccscreep We're investigating this, sorry for the inconvenience.