Don't email about errors right after code updates

  • I'd love an option so it won't send me an email about errors that happen literally 5 seconds after a code update. I have the game open, I know the error happened, I'm literally fixing it right then, I don't need an email. 😞

    PS. Also I mean some sort of option for this, for how long after a code update it should not email about errors.


  • There was (and probably still is, thought I did not check) an option not to send errers that happen when you are logged in. I don't think it works correctly though.

  • Ah, you appear to be right. There is a "don't send notifications when online" option. Yeh, it does not work. I guess maybe I should be posting a bug report or something instead...

  • Dev Team

    @liquidman3 Interesting, I'll take a look.