Boosting with L,Z,K,U,G

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  • I think the largest gain with base mineral boost would be that players can harvest the mineral in their room, move it to a lab & then boost a creep.

    That's a ton less code to get a taste for boosting and that first taste could motivate players to expand on their lab code so they can get even stronger boosts. Gradual rewards are good.


  • Interesting idea.

    Though because there's no lab time/cpu costs, apart from perhaps G the efficiencies you've selected make it usually more efficient to do this T0 boost than to combine with another mineral and make T1. Perhaps the boost amount should be < 50% of the T1 boost.

    It also decreases choke point of O,H,X in a mineral economy.

    What do you think is the issue with there being chokepoints?I don't see a particular issue with there being different demand for different minerals, unless you needed a mineral in something extreme like 100x the quantity of any other mineral

  • I remember being intimidated about boosting initially as well. However, my experience was different.

    1. get mineral harvesting working
    2. get distracted by other pressing needs
    3. panic about full terminals
    4. quickly hack up some code to sell minerals on the market.
    5. Use my new found credits to manually buy tier 3 heal boosts
    6. Ruthlessly smash my neighbors with boosted healers.

    I think the boosting via the market flow is good enough. A tier 0 boost flow could still enhance the game, but it is not strictly fixing a problem the current flow doesn't already cover.

    Other thoughts on tier 0 boosts. To be clear each boost will only apply to a single body part type. It won't be possible to have U boost both attack and harvest.

    Either G, OH, ZK, and UL should either all be tier 0 boosts or none of them (None is probably the right choice since they all require reactions anyway).

    I like the consistency of using O, H, and X as well as Z, U, L , and K as tier 0 boosts (make sure that minerals in your first few rooms always are able to boost something).

    tier 0 boost should be LESS than half as good as tier 1. Again the point of tier 0 is get a player going while still providing a strong incentive to use the regular boosts.

    The tier 0 boosts should target noob tasks. Absolutely no TOUGH, HEAL, or dismantle boosts. I don't think upgrade boosts should be available as tier 0 boosts either. Upgrade boosts are the most commonly used boost and keeping them as tier 1-3 provides a good incentive to write reaction or market code.

    Probably no MOVE, ATTACK, or RANGED_ATTACK boosts, since new players don't really need to be attacking or defending with more than towers and unboosted defenders.

    That leaves: harvest repair build carry