Our new full-time team members

  • Dev Team

    A short update on the Screeps Team composition.

    @o4kapuk (Nikolay) is now our full-time member starting from September 1. He will now work not only as a Community Manager, but also as a game developer and game master (including NPC behaviors, in-game events and quests, world engineering, etc), and a GitHub maintainer (he will be responsible to test and review your Pull Requests, so feel free to contact him directly in this regard).

    This means that Community Manager is no longer a volunteer role, and we'll have a full-time dedicated member doing that. @Dissi has stepped down as CM, he's now a regular Screeps player. Thank you Mark for all your hard work, really appreciated!

    We also got two new full-time members: Roman, a designer, and Dmitriy, a full-stack developer. We're going to create a page with all team members soon in order to introduce the crew behind Screeps.


  • Culture

    I loved working for your guys! I will still be around to help out wherever I can.
    I'm very happy that the CM role is filled in by someone as capable as @o4kapuk. He's the perfect candidate.

    Thanks for the last 2 years! It's been amazing.

  • Amazing news! Looking forward to future development.