Development updates

  • Dev Team

    Hey guys!

    Today we're launching development updates thread to improve connectivity between the development team and game community. This is not a replacement for changelogs, major updates, and other things being posted to Screeps blog, this is an additional information source. Development updates supposed to be much shorter than posts in the blog but also come out more often. I'll also post the updates to the #dev-updates slack channel.

    This thread is dedicated to updates itselves, please use this thread for discussions. The same is about #dev-updates; please discuss updates in #announcements-any.

    Here are the things for the game engine in progress:

    As for UI, there are also some things in progress, such as:

    • Re-designing many game interfaces (visit updated order page to have an idea how it will look like). This is not visual changes only, we also plan add improvements here and there; for example, it's planned to add a list of community driven private servers to the login page of steam client.
    • Reworking game map using pixijs to improve the performance of map view

    Also, we continue to add NPC events to the game world, the next thing to implement is NPC Strongholds. I'll create a separate post about Strongholds as soon as it's enough details to discuss.

    Some features worth separate mentioning despite it's still early concepts; for example, the concept of graffiti - something to add a custom image to a room. Details is being descussed yet; again, I'll create a separate post to discuss it.

    We expect to have PTR update later this month. It's hard to say the exact date of the update, and it's also hard to say which features will be stable enough to be included to this update. I'll post another 'development update' once I have more information about it.

    Last but not least is about team optimization: some time was spent to create internal tools (primarily, to speed up and achieve more automatization for everyday tasks like world management) which allowed us to save some for implementing features, bugfixes, and reviewing pull requests. These tools will be improved in future to save even more dev time.


  • Dev Team

    Hey guys,

    We have another update here to shed light on what's going on inside dev team.

    Here are the things that are close to being ready:

    • Room events log – should be included to the nearest update without significant changes
    • Tunnels – should be included to the nearest update with some comparing to PTR, namely canceling ability to build ramparts in walls (because tunnels will have enough own hits) and making in-wall objects (energy sources, mineral deposits, controllers, keeper lairs) obstacles so you can't build a road (tunnel) where these objects are. We also performed some calculations and discovered that x100 multiplier makes tunnels too cheap for possible use scenarios, we'll start with x150 (45k to build, degrade 15k/1000t, 750k hits)
    • Various optimizations, improvements, and fixes – we're still thinking and discussing alternatives for proposed recycle nerf

    We expect to release the update in 10-15 days unless something unexcepted happens.

    Few words about other activities:

    • New game interfaces are being finished. It's hard to say if we can deliver them in the next update (probably not).
    • We did small progress on Power Creeps so they will not be included into the next update
    • Same to persistent objects: they're still in progress and they will not be ready before the next update.
    • New map view is in progress (early stages so it will not be ready soon)
    • NPC strongholds: some progress was made, we expect to make a significant progress this month
    • Working on the team: we're still integrating our new team members into the team. The time and efforts that are being invested now will improve our performance in the nearest future.

  • Dev Team

    Hi people,

    I I'd like to report our current activities and nearest plans.

    The next update supposed to be a major re-branding: lots of game screens and interfaces were changed. Together with it, the team is working on the following:

    • We're putting lot of efforts into investigating out current issues with shard2. The root cause of said issues remains unknown,
    • We're still accepting your feedback on the attackController() changes recently deployed to PTR,
    • Also, we're working on a completely new mechanics related to creeps movement; it's very close to be ready to PTRing/discussion, it's likely to be included into the next update,
    • We made significant progress on NPC Strongholds; still, it's a lots of work to do so it's unclear if we can include Strongholds into the next update,
    • Power Creeps and persistent objects are still being developed, similarly, it's unknown if we can deliver either of them into the next update,
    • Well, and many small fixes here and there, as usual.