Invaders die when pvp starts

  • In the most recent SWC, a strategy was discovered where most attacks could be shut down by spawning a large boosted invader next to the attackers and having the invader focus down the attackers due to their proximity to it. Invaders have far too much potential to disrupt pvp in this way. Invaders should be despawned if creeps from more than 1 player are in their room, so that NPCs do not disrupt the pvp game.

  • @crusher48 That could create a team mechanic where allies send a 1M creep to allied remotes to kill invaders for them.

    It might be better to just not allow spawning invaders manually while hostiles are in the room... although that does still leave some room for abusing it.

  • In my opinion, that option would be difficult enough to execute that it doesn't really need to be stopped in any way. A player spawning their own defenders will still be able to clear out their invaders faster than their ally can sending a 1 move creep all the way from their own base.

  • yeah, when i read it earlier today, i imagined that there might be some cheesing it. imagine alliance mates keeping standing 1M creeps in each others' SK rooms to prevent those awful invader spawns...

    at the same time though, i think it would be a beneficial mod to create for priv serv's like SWC or BotArena...


  • I mean which is a bigger game balance problem: potentially stopping invaders with less resource cost but a far bigger time cost (that probably outweighs the resource savings) and a large amount of coding development to even utilize, or being able to disrupt pre-RCL6 attacks by dropping tons of boosted invaders into the attacker's entry point?

  • iirc, the existing engine code prevents the creation of test invaders if there are multiple players in the room. if it's succeeding in creating test invaders via the client, maybe this talk should migrate over to bug reports. @o4kapuk, @dissi can either of you confirm that's how its supposed to operate?

  • It doesn't stop spawning 10 invaders the ticks before an attacker arrives into the room.

  • @crusher48 pretty sure it limits you to 5 invaders, but yeah.

  • Room history tick? I don't think you can spawn them when enemies are in the room. Pretty sure you can't, in fact.

  • It's in SWC, so I can't exactly provide a replay of it.

  • Dev Team

    User-summoned invaders die immediately if there's another player in the room, see here:

  • Dev Team

    @gankdalf said in Invaders die when pvp starts:

    It might be better to just not allow spawning invaders manually while hostiles are in the room...

    As far as I know, it's not currently allowed. If you're able to so so, please report a bug.

    Also, summoned invaders should kill themselves when room is under attack. If that's not happening, please report a bug, replay link (or replay coordinates in case of swc) is very welcomed!

  • I think random invaders can cause just as much problems if the attacker has bad luck, though. Even though that random invader that disrupted the attack was apparently just an unlucky spawn, it's still random NPC actions interfering in pvp.

  • @crusher48 The chances of natural invaders being an issue to an attacker seem even lower than the chances of invaders being an issue for their creators.