Tip of the day: Use loop architecture to save CPU on the logic you do not have to run each tick.

  • ...I just had the titular tip of the day and although I thought I know the game well, it don't understand that one. Anyone care to elaborate?

  • They mean a loop that spans over serveral ticks that does non critical stuff.
    I think... Not sure either xD

  • yes exactly, let's say you have 1000 buildings you want to build / check if they are still there. you could partition those 1000 buildings into groups of 10 and then using some math (modulo and divison) check 1 partition per tick

  • Culture

    They are actually referring to this. It used to be that all of your code was run every tick, but then they introduced the "loop architecture" that allowed you to define code that is only run every global reset, with a separate function that is run every tick. If you started from a tutorial you're probably already using this without realizing it, but it was a new feature at one point.

  • Ohhhh that was something that was implemented lol...
    It struck me a bit odd the first time I saw that but I never actually researched it xD.

    Basically went with "it works so whatever" xD