PTR: Major CPU Bug

  • @artch-

    I'm testing on PTR and I've found what looks like a pretty big bug. I should have 220 cpu on shard0 right now, and that is what the system is saying I have. However, my bucket is being calculated as if I had closer to 150 cpu.

    I have confirmed this with the CPU monitor in the UI, not just my code. It's causing my bucket to tank on PTR.

  • I've since changed my cpu levels for different shards but am still seeing this issue.

  • Could you please reproduce this again?

  • I've noticed something weird with this as well but I'm on shard1. Also I don't know if it's related or not but a day or two ago shard1 tick was at 5.8s avg while shard0 was it's usual 5.3s avg, it slowly went back down to ~2.5 sec eventually.

  • @daffie This thread is related to the PTR (Public Test Realm), not the live world.

  • @artch I've been paying attention but haven't been able to reproduce. It may be related to the initial deployment of the shard CPU selector, as it appears using that for the first time "reset" the cpu.


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