Losing screen

  • After the changes in the API my economy was ruined, when i just logged in i got this message:
    "It seems that you are stuck in a situation when you cannot harvest energy to continue playing. You must have lost. But cheer up! Losing is fun in Screeps! Your scripts are always with you, your Global Control Level is well and alive, and you can start from scratch and quickly regain your former glory."

    I think i got this message as soon as my energy in spawn was zero and my creep was being made to get me more energy.

  • I had the same issue. I did a respawn and now I have to start again in my room.

  • I can confirm that the suggestion to respawn doesn't take creeps that are spawning into account.

  • It also doesn't account for energy in Extensions. That used to be useless without energy in the Spawn, but now you can build new creeps with energy in Extensions only.