More than one room in simulation mode?

  • I'm currently getting my AI ready to start playing in World mode. However, it is impossible to test out my AI behaves when it has to colonize another room, attack another player or in fact just discovering a new room for the first time. Attacking Player 2 in the same room has limited opportunity to test my scripts in all scenarios and I rather not fiddle around in production later on to implement these things.

    Can the simulation be expanded with at least 1 additional room? Having a total of 5 rooms would be most perfect(a center room with connecting rooms in the north/east/west/south) but I'm not too picky and would totally settle for just one additional room.

  • Unfortunately the Simulation mode is a bit of an abandoned child it seems. I would like to see this feature as well, but doubt that it will be implemented in the near future.

  • I'd hate to shadow chris's sentiment but I'd love to see Simulation mode have more rooms. With the current promised new features however I'd rather see these first which would be the reason behind the delay if the devs share the same mind-set.

  • Dev Team

    You should use Public Test Realm to test your scripts in multi-room environment.

  • Thank you for the reply Artem, I shall use the PTR for implementing my multi-room related code.

    I'm aware that in software development there are always more possible features to implement than there is time available. Having the PTR is a great alternative to the simulation but it lacks one important aspect in regard to the simulation: total control. In the simulation mode I can create a room layout to my liking and if necessary increase the RCL, add structures so I don't need to wait for them to be built and but more importantly: increase the game speed to 500% without any limitations on the amount of CPU cycles. Features that making testing incredibly efficient and productive.

    Please don't feel hard pressed, I rather have you guys spend your time on implementing World mode related features but if you at some point do have a little time to spare it would be absolutely wonderful if the simulation room could be made multi-roomed, even if it would only be 2 rooms without any fancy bells and whistles.

    I understand that your time is very limited and don't believe this should be a high-priority feature.

  • Culture

    Buildings in the PTR only take 1 energy to build, so that should help you out grately. Room level upgrades only cost 1000 energy as well 🙂