• Especially for creeps with a lot of bodyparts, spawning can take a while. I had some circumstances, where cancelling a spawn process would come in handy:




  • On a (almost) similar note, can we have .cancelOrder added to all the other prototypes? Right now Creep is the only prototype with .cancelOrder and I've found that similar thing for at least Spawn would be useful.

  • Culture

    I agree, cancelOrder would be the best idea for this. Nice and uniform

  • @Dissi: I think what christ meant was something to cancel when the creep is spawning (not just order within a tick).

  • SUN

    I have no Idea when spawn.cancelCreation() may be useful for me,
    but I like the Nhanho's proposal, when every actionable object has .cancelOrder() method.
    Including towers: right now it is unpossible to tower.attack(), if was queued earlier that tick. Tower.cancelOrder() may fix that.