Create an Invader in Reserved Rooms

  • Using the Create an Invader sidebar function is great for testing code.

    It is not available in Reserved rooms, just in Controller owned rooms.

    Please make it available in the Reserved rooms as well. There needs to be a testing method in those rooms like the other owned rooms. Testing the ability to attack reserved room invaders is important also.



  • @dissi ... What about this?


  • Culture

    If this happens I can send in a single claimer into the borders of my enemies, reserve rooms, and fill them with boosted high powered invaders. 

    I could also take their remote rooms over long enough to block them from reserving, reserve the room, and then fill it with high powered invaders to prevent them from reclaiming it.

    While in both cases the invaders would eventually die, it would be much cheaper to run invader armies on a cycle like this than it would be to maintain an actual army.

    That being said adding this to PTR would be cool.

  • @Tedivm ... good point ... so to dispell your objection, then only allow the smallest invader and only 1 in reserved rooms.

    It is all code, after all, and those options could be coded to only allow for small Invaders (in reserved rooms).  Also, there is probably no need for User Created Invaders to have a 1500 tick lifespan anyway.

    And by the way Tedivm, I like the way you think about using the Invaders as a defense.

  • Culture

    Yeah, I actually don't believe we should be able to add invaders at all on the main server, only PTR.

    As it stands now if I see a big enemy army coming my way I can create invaders on the other side of my wall to take them out. While they will attack my walls as well if they can't reach any creeps they'll do less damage than big boosted workers.

  • user-spawned invaders disappear if another player's creep enters the room - they can't be used against other players at all