claimController not attacking downgrade timer of opponent controller

  • In the documentation it says that claimController, if applied to a hostile controller, will make its downgrade timer decrease more quickly. I've been seeing no change in the timer (I've tried with one and two CLAIM parts in the attacking creep). What am I missing? Is this a bug in claimController?


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    Hey charliegreen,


    According to this change log you need at least 5 CLAIM parts before a downgrade tick will occur.


    Hopefully this answers your question

  • I can confirm through own experience  that you need 5 claim parts on a single creep to accelerate the downgrade process of  a controller by 1 tick. Accordingly 10 parts would cause 2 downgrading ticks for each claim controller action you perform and so on. 

  • I see this topic is 4 yrs old, but I just recently ran into this while trying to takeover my first new room. The link to the changelog is no longer valid in Dissi's post.

    Is there somewhere that this is documented?? This was super frustrating trying to figure out the difference between 'attackController' and 'claimController'.

    Also the game popped up this tip which makes no mention of the 5 CLAIM parts rule. This tip appears to no longer be true? 0_1576692847701_WrongTip.png

    From what I can tell the current behavior is: If controller is unowned, then use claimController If controller is owned, then you may use attackController (but only once every 1000 ticks).

  • Dev Team

    @just-j we'll fix this tip, thanks.

    5 CLAIM parts rule is no longer a thing, as well as attacking controllers with Creep.claimController. Currently, the only way to accelerate the downgrade process is Creep.attackController method. Both are documented, just like every method in the game API: