Being limited to 30 CPU instead of 40

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    The menu on the top right of the game screen is showing a cpu limit of 30 for me, when my limit is 40. This is just a UI bug, as limit Game.cpu.limit and the player overview page show the right amount.

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    I want to revise that statement- I'm definitely only getting 30 cpu a tick right now. I'm seeing multiple ticks where my cpu usage is between 30 and 35 and my bucket drops the next tick.


    Here are some logs. Note that 'tick' is relative to when I respawned, not the Game.time tick.


    [4:01:44 AM]tick #273292 performance: CPU used 27.18
    [4:01:44 AM]tick #273292 performance: Bucket 5701

    [4:01:44 AM]tick #273293 performance: CPU used 27.28
    [4:01:44 AM]tick #273293 performance: Bucket 5703

    [4:01:45 AM]tick #273294 performance: CPU used 43.44
    [4:01:45 AM]tick #273294 performance: Bucket 5705

    [4:01:47 AM]tick #273295 performance: CPU used 27.11
    [4:01:47 AM]tick #273295 performance: Bucket 5690

    [4:01:49 AM]tick #273296 performance: CPU used 26.17
    [4:01:49 AM]tick #273296 performance: Bucket 5692

    [4:01:52 AM]tick #273297 performance: CPU used 26.88
    [4:01:52 AM]tick #273297 performance: Bucket 5695

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    I've confirmed with others in IRC. It appears that everyone is getting 10 cpu less than they should (Dissi should have 190, but when us uses 185 cpu five is subtracted from his bucket instead of added).

  • I can also confirm this. Actual CPU is 10 lower than it should be.

  • Also observing this bug. (My GCL says I should have 130 CPU limit, while in practice I have 120.)

  • Seems to work with the old subscription model. 

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    I'm also affected by this issue, but only after I gained a GCL level.

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    I couldn't reproduce this issue. Could you please create an empty branch with an isolated test code reproducing it (either on the main server or the PTR)?

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    I can't reproduce this on PTR, only on prod using the following code:


    module.exports.loop = function () {

    console.log("["+Game.time + "] CPU bucket: " + Game.cpu.bucket + ' CPU limit: ' + Game.cpu.limit);

    console.log('\tGoing to burn ['+Game.cpu.limit+ '] ms of cpu with nonsense...');
    var i = 0 ;
    if(Game.getUsedCpu() > Game.cpu.limit)
    console.log('\tDone burning, used ['+Game.getUsedCpu()+ '] ms of cpu with nonsense...');







    PROD (problem):


    PTR (OK):


    Note, This is only on prod, and only after my GCL increased

  • It seems to affect only those who has gained a level recently. I noticed immediately after getting level 6 that the UI says 70 even if Game.cpu.limit states 80. My average CPU usage is slightly above 70 and my bucket is empty.

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    My cpu in the GUI also says 180 in stead of 190

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    Do you still need me to reproduce it or is Dissi's stuff enough?

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    Any progress on this incident?

     More screenshots:




    Top right corner:

  • Just increased my GCL by one, and now I'm affected by this as well. Game.cpu.limit did increase by 10, but the UI still shows the old value. Since my CPU doesn't reach the limit atm I can't say which value is actually used as cap. I will report back should I notice a spike. 

  • and now I had a CPU spike above my old limit, but below my new one. It did reduce my bucket. So I'm still limited by the old limit, not the new one. Game.cpu.limit is increasing, but actually used limit isn't.

    Please fix this.

  • Dev Team

    OK, found it, this bug has been introduced in the last update. Must be fixed now.

  • seems to be, thanks!

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    Can confirm, my bucket is growing again! 

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    Fixed! Bucket is growing as well here.