allies and ramparts

  • It might be interesting to be able to form alliances or non-aggression pacts with other players that would allow them to cross your ramparts. With the option to be able to break them too without notice, of course:D

    It might also be interesting to be able to make some ramparts ally-pass-through and others only-self-pass-through so that you could make a channel for allies but still protect yourself from a betrayal.

  • This would make things pretty interesting. Could make deals with players to cross through their territory. Perhaps for compensation

  • I feel like that might be both too strong and too simple. Perhaps as an alternative, we could have doors, which act like a toggleable wall. It increases the involvement of the door owner's scripts, and potentially provides attack opportunities for opponents to exploit mistakes in its programming.

  • doors don't need to be their own structure, could do the same with ramparts. open them to the public, or close them. I think that'd be cool.

  • Yeah, it would be cool if we could switch ramparts states between open/closed. I'd also appreciate if open ramparts would be for example yellow, to nicely see that on UI.

  • Dev Team

    This feature has been introducedĀ in this changelog.

  • Awesome! Looking forward to having a friend I trust enough to let them through šŸ˜„

  • Yea.. thats the issue... finding someone to trust... *eyes everyone carefully*